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M aria Ozawa Profile and Biodata

Maria Ozawa MiyabiMaria Ozawa
Hokkaido, Japan, Jan 8, 1986

Weight Loss:48 kg

Height: 162 cm


Miyabi Maria Ozawa was innate with the name upon Jan 8, 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan. His name is well well well known as the single AV Idol (Adult Video Idol) which began to arise around the year 2005. Since afterwards he has starred in some-more than fifty Japanese racy video production, not together with the little of the video gathering which additionally enclosed his name.

Unlike many AV Idol who select this career by the bent scout, she would be meddlesome in this commercial operation when he was examination the little porn videos sister’s friend. From here Miyabi began seeking for the group until eventually he assimilated the B-open. Soon Miyabi been awarded the stipulate to star in the softcore porn film.

Maria Ozawa after assimilated by S1, the important porn film college of music in Japan. Two years fasten S1, Mary afterwards motionless to pierce to Dasdas which in reality is not the vital studio. But the pierce did not have her recognition waned. Mary additionally appeared in multiform non-pornographic film in Japan well well well known as the V-Cinema drive-in theatre constructed or approach to DVD or VCD discs.

It is pronounced which Maria had well well well known sex given she was usually thirteen years as well as complicated 48 sex character of the book which he bought. Although his family did not authorize Mary lived career though this lady still feel unapproachable of what he was you do as well as live estimable of his income as the porn star. Within the single month of Mary could beget during slightest U.S. $ 8 thousand as well as he was means to live in oppulance apartments from usually which income.


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